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04 August 2016

Gallay, sponsor for Epworth Medical Foundation


Founded in 1982, Epworth Medical Foundation is a private non-for-profit organisation which aims to raise funds to provide the best possible care and facilities for patients.

Donations are used directly to benefit patients and are essential for providing medical equipment, facilities, conducting medical research, education and training for staff, as well as providing support programs for patients.

This year is Gallay’s 6th year as a sponsor of the Epworth Medical Foundation and we are very excited to be supporting an organisation dedicated to providing health facilities for those in need. Epworth’s famous Gala Ball will be taking place this Saturday 6th of August and Gallay will be attending in hope to help raise money for this worthy organisation. 

If you would also like to help support Epworth, visit the Epworth Medical Foundation Website. 


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