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19 December 2014

Introducing C38, the new Fuse slim colonoscope

Endochoice has made an innovative update to its endoscope, called the C38s, this is the latest advancement in the Fuse Full Spectrum Endoscopy portfolio and provides physicians with a panoramic 330 degree field of view in a slim profile endoscope - all while maintaining a large 3.8mm instrument channel.

The new C38s slim colonoscope drives and performs like a traditional colonoscope with all the same benedits of a slim diameter. The larger channel means the physcians do not sacrifice functionality when using a slimmer scope.

A recent study that was published in March 2014 in The Lancet Oncology demonstrated the panoramic 330 degree field of view provided by the Fuse technology enabled physicians to detect significantly more adenomas in comparison with traditional forward-viewing colonoscopes. The ability to detect more adenomas during colonoscopy has the potential to reduce healthcare costs while also minising patient anxiety over concerns pre-cancerious lesions are being missed.

To find out more about Fuse Full Spectrum Endoscopy and the release of the slim colonoscope contact Gallay today on 1300 425 529 or send an enquiry to sales@gallay.com.au.

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