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01 July 2015

The New Laboratory Air Filtration System by Erlab

Laboratory Air Filtration with considerable savings

An alternative to high air change rates. Halo can be programmed to work in 4 different modes:
- 24/7: Ventilation runs 24 hours/ 7 days a week
- Min/ max detection: Ventilation starts at a low speed, and increases when pollution threshold is reached.
- Unique detection: Ventilation starts when defined pollution threshold is reached.
- Day/ night: Ventilation values defined for Day and Night times

Halo is continuously processing and treating the air while returning clean air back to the lab. The laboratory-grade molecular filtration system contains Neutrodine. This filtration technology has been used in Green Fume hoods for over 6 years, when it was launched by Erlab. It contains a powerful activated carbon mixture combined with a pre-filter that captures a large variety of ambient odours and airborne contaminants which can become a health hazard over time.

Simple to install and use

Halo a laboratory filtration unit that can be easily installed in the ceiling. Multiple units can be networked to increase the coverage area. Typically, one Halo is designed to cover a volume up to 60m(approx. 20m2 of lab room).  Staff are notified when Halo ventilation is working, due to pulsing LED lights that communicate the sensing and capture of fugitive contaminants. Thanks to smartphone, tablet and computer technology, staff can alternatively check status, change settings or check for routine maintenance.

High Usability in a Laboratory Air Purifier

A series of light pulsation signals notify lab occupants that the air is being cleaned. Integrated with each Halo unit a web user interface portal can be accessed through a network assigned IP address providing real time status on air quality, usage time, filter status, sensor sensitivity, blower status, replacement filter date via any smartphone, tablet or computer.

Click here for more information about Halo Laboratory Filtration System.

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