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World’s most complete database service of Manufacturers’ Instruction For Use documents.

oneSOURCE gives your entire facility access to the world's most complete online database service of manufacturers' validated (IFUs). Your subscription to oneSOURCE makes compliance with accreditation standards simple by eliminating the expense of maintaining and updating IFU documents, and by making these documents easily accessible to every department within your facility.
This means improved patient safety, higher compliance, and significant cost savings.


Instant Access

oneSOURCE puts thousands of IFUs into one searchable database, where any department in your facility can retrieve the current document in a number of ways: by catalogue number, manufacturer name, item description or category as well as offering time-saving features such as “Favourites” and “Recently Viewed".


Fast and easy document retrieval

The innovative oneSOURCE interface offers standard and dropdown search options for easy document retrieval. Dropdown search lets users easily find information simply by choosing a manufacturer from the list provided, selecting a category and a sub category when the instrument catalogue number is not known and for your convenience, search option instructions are always available on screen for ready reference.

oneSOURCE’s “Recently Viewed” and “Favorites” features provide a short cut to your facility’s most frequently used items so they’re at your fingertips faster. The “Notes” tab also allows you to leave special instructions for other staff. Our Searchable Category Box enables you to label IFUs by department, facility, set, procedure or any category that is meaningful to your facility.

You can also click on the topic of interest in the table of contents of lengthy IFU documents. This feature takes you directly to the appropriate section ensuring that your staff is getting the information they need quickly and efficiently.


Continuous update of all information

oneSOURCE continually updates documents in the database - often long before healthcare facilities are even aware that revised documents exist. Manufacturers can answer frequently asked questions and clarify procedures to thousands of users simultaneously.
All the departments in your facility – from Central Sterilization to Risk Management and Infection Control – can rest assured that your staff are using the best information from the manufacturers.


Service you can count on

In addition to maintaining thousands of manufacturers' Instruction for Use documents, your subscription to oneSOURCE includes exceptional customer service.

If you need a particular manufacturer or document that isn't listed in our database, simply submit your request online. The Customer Service team at oneSOURCE responds to your document needs by acting as a liaison with the manufacturer, obtaining the relevant manufacturers' Instruction for Use document and notifying you when it's been added to the system. All at no additional charge with your subscription.


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