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WS Tyler Particle Size Analyser

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WS Tyler Particle Size Analyser

Computerized Particle Analyser (CPA) 2-1 

The new addition to photo-optical size & shape analysers. This particle size analyser CPA 2-1, allows for dry, free-flowing samples to be examined by the camera lens, which makes approximately 20,000 scans per second. This technology ensures consistent, accurate & repeatable results.

Increasing the Speed & Accuracy Of Your Particle Size Analysis Process

Particle size analyser CPA 2-1 from Haver-Tyler is approximatrely 3-5 times faster than other given standard sieve tests. With a measuring range from 10µm to 400 mm it is applicable for a vast array of applications.

User Friendly

The CPA unit is essentially maintenance free & durable for measuring dry, free flowng and non-agglomerating particles. The CPA software used is compatible with current Windows operating systems. It also can be used for both desktop and laptop setups. The 2-1 software includes a feature that correlates CPA raw data into traditional test sieving results.

Weight Distribution Analysis Created In Real Time

The particle size analyser CPA 2-1 accurately measures & counts in real time, all individual particles of the given sample sample being analysed. This results in a distribution curve created from the actual number of particles measured within the size range.

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