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Soluscope Pass-Thru Drying Cabinet (medical Air)

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Optimise your Workload

The pass-through Endoscopy Drying cabinet provides real time storage data for each endoscope, including storage time, air pressure in channels, filter clogging and UV-C lamp failures. The high-security monitoring also ensures all function parameters are documented for reference purposes.

This allows you to know when your endoscopes are ready for use or if they require reprocessing.

Keep your Scopes Microbiologically Safe

Hospital medical air is flushed through all channels during storage and circulated air is also passed through each draw of the cabinet generated from the germicidal lamps fitted within each shelf of the drying cabinet, helping to keep the scopes sterile and reducing the risk of contamination.

The new Pass-through Endoscopy Drying Cabinet

Offering a validated storage time of 7 days, the Soluscope DSC8000 endoscope drying cabinet keeps your endoscopes safe in an individual protective tray.  With minimal scope handling the potential of contaminationis reduced significantly.

Complete traceability

The Soluscope pass-through Endoscopy Drying Cabinet comes with complete traceability (endoscopes and operator). The large 7” touch screen and data tracking system facilitates the access of the information, with built-in hand scanner and printed tickets to verify each operation.

Full data management system

Soluscope DSC8000 drying cabinet can be fully linked into the Soluscope IT data management system, further integrating the process of Endoscope HLD, transportation, drying and storage.