CaptairBio 321

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Superior Particle Protection

Preserve your precious samples and time with CaptairBio 321.
Experience superior guarding against external contaminants and sample cross-contamination. The CaptairBio 321 is ideal for sample prep before thermo cycling and comes equipped with a H14 filter, providing filtration efficiency of 99.995% for particles over 0.1 microns. This ensures the cleanest possible atmosphere for the workspace.  

While products like the Biological Safety Cabinet protect both the user and sample, the PCR Workstation guards against contamination from the operator, the previous experiment and also airborne contaminants present in the room.

Easy Assembly & Operation

Using only thumb tightened connections, the Captair Bio is easy to dismantle, flatpack and relocate. The innovative design allows for tool-free assembly, making technician or user installation a seamless process. The user-friendly control panel comes equipped with a UV timer that is programmable from 1 to 30 minutes. The operator can also control the fan output and airflow volume using the touchpad. Optional complementary equipment includes the Mobicap rolling cart or fixed workspace Benchcap, both made from anti-corrosion metallic alloy.