CaptairBio 712

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A PCR Workstation Designed By The Experts

Erlab has been the undisputed world-leader in ductless fume cabinets and PCR Workstations since 1968. In Australia today, over 600 ductless fume cabinets designed by Erlab have been sold and serviced by Gallay.

Powerful Decontamination

Captair PCR Fume Hoods offer superior decontamination power at 254nm. The flexible system ensures complete sample protection using powerful UV radiance across the workspace. Internal reflective panels allow for clear visibility within the enclosure and counteract any user shadowing that may occur from the tubular fluorescent lighting. The UV lamps are also fitted with an adjustable timer that is programmable for 1 to 30 minutes. The life usage counter alerts the operator to replace the lamp after 2000 hours.

Feature Packed

Features include a built in timer with automatic cut off switch, U.V Lamp, protection shield and energy ports. The Captair Bio boasts a sleek stainless steel work surface and digital control panel for continuous monitoring of the ventilation flow rate. There is also an audible and visible alarm system that alerts the user to any potential malfunctioning.