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PCR Workstation – Captair Bio

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A PCR Workstation Designed By The Experts

Erlab has been the undisputed world-leader in ductless fume cabinets and PCR Workstations since 1968. In Australia today, over 600 ductless fume cabinets designed by Erlab have been sold and serviced by Gallay.

Specifications & Prices To Suit Any Budget

Captair Bio by Erlab is available in four variants: Bio 320, Bio 321, Bio 391 & Bio 712. Standard features include a built in timer with automatic cut off switch, U.V Lamp, protection shield and energy ports. The Captair Bio boasts a sleek stainless steel work surface and digital control panel for continous monitoring of the ventilation flow rate. Click the Specifications Tab to find out exact specs for each model.

Designed Specifcally for RNA and DNA Work

Designed to completely protect an RNA or DNA sample from contamination Captair Bio is equipped with a quiet blower and a premium grade H14 Filter. Working like a laminar flow, the air from the rom is blown into the enclosure through the filter. The Captair Bio DNA RNA Dynamic Enclosure offers protection by laminar flow for PCR handlings involving a high sample contamination risk. With a built-in laminar flow, protection of the handling is greatly improved particularly in relationship with human contaminants such as Rnases.

Filtration efficiency of 99.999%

This PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) workstation provides protection of the handling with an H 14 HEPA filter and a filtration efficiency of 99.999%, particles of 0.3 microns or more are retained. The positive pressure within the enclosure prevents the introduction of outside contaminants, especially when arms are introduced within the enclosure. Powerful UV decontamination of these DNA and RNA cabinets insure a full decontamination of the entire work surface, enclosure walls and PCR equipment.

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