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Disposable Glove Box – Captair Pyramid

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Light, Portable & Disposable

Erlab's Captair Pyramid 2200 is a multi-function disposable glove box, made with high quality transparent PVC. Assembled in only a few seconds, it can be set up anywhere. Light, portable and disposable, the pyramid 2200 is an ideal protection tool that can suit many specific protection requirements in laboratory & offsite. 

  • Opening of suspicious packages
  • Collection of samples on location
  • Inert atmosphere working environment
  • Reveal fingerprints on samples
  • Perform tasks sheltered from moisture & dust


Air Tightness Factory Tested

The air tightness of each pyramid enclosure is factory tested. Each enclosure is inflated with compressed air at a pressure of 2.5mm Hg. If the air tightness is satisfactory the pyramid will get a serial number & testing certificate to ensure user safety. 

Using the Pyramid is Simple

Erlab’s Pyramid 2200 is specifically designed for the protection of the user and sensitive products. User friendly design makes the Pyramid’s applications  simple to use and provides an ergonomic working position for the user.

E.g Creating an inert environment for product examination

  • Introduce the product into the enclosure through zipper opening
  • Close the zipper tightly
  • Inflate the enclosure with a neutral gas
  • Using pyramid gloves, user can handle the product