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Powder Containment Hoods

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User Protection During Precise Weighing Tasks

This range of Erlab's Captair Smart Hoods are designed specifically for powder containment applications ensuring user protection. This rang of Powder Containment Hoods is ideal for applications in pharmaceuticals, food, healthcare & cosmetic industries. Proper airflow at the face of the hood and complete filtration of potent and hazardous powders ensures a safe working environment.Full access is provided to measuring apparatus in the enclosure without compromising containment.

Simpler to Use with Smart-light eGuard App

Erlab’s new Smart Range of powder containment hoods aims to allow you a simpler safer experience in the lab, so that you can focus on what’s important- your work.
This range of ductless fume hoods has an in-built smart light which easily notifies the user with a pulsing light that the safety problem relates to:

  •   Main filter saturation
  •   Fan failure
  •   Excessive scheduled working time
  •   Air face Velocity decrease 

Monitoring and control with the Smart Range is even easier. Simply download the eGuard app on your smart device to connect to your equipment for remote access to the hood, settings, alerts & more. 

Erlab, Inventors of Ductless Fume Hoods

Erlab invented the ductless fume hood in 1968, with over 45 years of experience in chemical filtration and protection of laboratory personnel they have the highest quality of expertise in ensuring your safety while being both cost and environmentally efficient.

Certified & Independently Tested & Highest Safety Compliance 

Ductless powder containment hoods by Erlab meet the highest safety standards- SFNOR NF X 15-211: 2009 Filtration safety standard as endorsed by ANSI Z9. 5-2012, meaning your safety is not compromised. Additionally, Erlab's Captair filters assure you a safe and quality outcome, having been independently tested multiple times at various concentrations to ensure each filter complies with the strict performance criteria guaranteeing your safety.