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Active & Recently Completed Projects

Name  Location Division Equipment
Northern Beaches Hospital NSW Medical Complete CSSD fit-out
Monash Children's Hospital VIC Medical Belimed WD750 Cart Washer
Westmead Children's Hospital NSW Medical Belimed MST-V 6-6-12 Sterilisers
CSL AlbuRx VIC Pharmaceutical Belimed PH860.2L Washer & PST     12-8-12 HS2 Autoclave
CSIRO Black Mountain ACT Laboratory Laboratory equipment fit-out, including: Belimed Autoclaves, Fiochetti Freezers, SMEG Glassware washers, Skope Fridges & Freezers and Brema Ice Machines
Digestive Health VIC Medical Upgrade of Soluscope Endoscope Reprocessors to Series 3
Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital QLD Medical 2 x Belimed WD200 Washer Disinfectors and Axeon AT10000 Reverse Osmosis System
National Capital Private Hospital ACT Medical Belimed MST 6-6-12 VS2 Sterilisers and WTD-250 Steam Generator


Gallay has completed a wide range of major equipment installations in all states and territories of Australia.

Some of our largest projects include complete CSSD (Central Sterile Supply Department) equipment fit-outs, operating theatre reprocessing area upgrades and entire laboratory fit-outs.

When installing large products like a washer or sterilizer (or many smaller products) Gallay’s dedicated project department will make sure your install is completely hassle-free and everything has been taken care of.

Contact us on 1300 425 529 to speak to our projects department.