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Euronda Euromatic Thermosealer

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Complete your procedures efficiently 

The Euronda Euromatic, is a rotary medical sealing machine which allows you to be more efficient. It not only simplifies but speeds up operations. It complies with EN11067-2 and EN868-5 standards and guarantees validation of the sealing process. 

Quality Outcome

Simply insert the pouch containing the instruments and the Euromatic will automatically drag it throughout the entire process in a speedy 8 minutes until the sealing is completed. This allows quality packaging of many instruments in a short time. 

User- Friendly 

The control panel guides the individual during operation of selecting the various functions, avoiding errors and wastage of time by being able to adjust temperature to achieve optimal sealing depending on the paper type.


Validated Sealing

The Euronda Euromatic is a rotary sealing machine which records all data on sealing operations completed including date, time, number of sealing’s, lot, operator, temperature, speed and pressure in complete conformity with en11607-2 standard requirements to an SD card or USB memory device. According to the critical parameters of the sealing process, it must be monitored systematically and documented in order to be checked and traceable as and when required/necessary.