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GallayTrac - The starting point for zero surgical site infections

A specialised endoscope tracking and management system which allows those working within Endoscopy and Day Procedure Units to electronically record their processes around High Level Disinfection/ Sterilization.

ScopeTrac® combines the latest scanning technology and application software to create a user-friendly solution for facilities to increase patient safety and management of the entire scope inventory

Extend the life of your Endoscope Inventory
GallayTrac's ScopeTrac module provides automated reference information and reprocessing data capture, workflow processing and maintenance histories, and real-time locator service so that you always know your endoscopes are properly reprocessed, maintained and accounted for. The history and reference information in the system means that your endoscopes are serviced correctly and only as needed based on actual use and wear.


ScopeTrac features:

  • Save time and increase theatre efficiency
  • Validate inventory data for all endoscopes
  • Reduce reprocessing errors and damage to your endoscope inventory
  • Provide complete information for audits, trend analysis and benchmarking for process improvement
  • Provide the ultimate patient safety/infection control for endoscope inventory