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The Neptune Ultimate is designed for analytical & life sciences as this unit provides a high flow of guaranteed 18.2 Ω.cm ultrapure water on demand. Ultrapure water is met with incorporated sub-micron and ultrafilter to ensure removal of particles, bacteria & endotoxins.

An intelligent monitoring system that will keep you informed

The Neptune ultimate recirculates purified water to ensure maintenance of water quality parameters and capture data for traceability. This intelligent system will also conduct semi-automated cleaning, sanitising routines, TOC indication and alert with alarms for UV filter, & cartridge replacement.

Ultrapure water polisher with the highest process technology

Neptune ultimate also incorporates the following features:

  • 185nm or photo-oxidising UV to cleave organic compounds into smaller charged ionic species that can subsequently be removed by ion exchange 
  • 254 nm UV to eliminate bacteria by more than 99%
  • Ion exchange cartridges incorporating a semiconductor grade mixed deionising resin with low TOC leaching properties & high activity organic absorption media.