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Coarse Aggregate Test Sieves

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Coarse Aggregate Sieve Analysis Equipment you can trust

Gallay supplies a high quality range of test sieving equipment from WS Tyler to the coarse aggregate industry. With a wide range of sieve diameters and mesh sizes designed specifically to suit customers working with coarse aggregates, we're sure to have a product that will match your testing requirements.

Large Meshed Sieves for Coarse Aggregate Testing

We can supply a broad range of sieve sizes covering a large range of sieve outer diameters and mesh apertures. Common sieve outer diameters include 8", 12", 200mm and 300mm with the latter being most popular for coarse aggregate testing. Mesh diameters popular with large aggregate testing range from 1mm to 37mm - click the Specifications tab on this page to view our model range. 

Gradation testing equipment supplies in Victoria, New South Wales & Queensland

With warehouses covering the eastern seaboard of Australia, we can supply your coarse aggregate testing equipment locally and on time. Just request a quote today and our local specialist will be in touch with you to help with your requirements.

Asphalt & Bitumen Formulation & Concrete Mix Design Equipment

We supply equipment designed specifically for the rigorous demands of the civil engineering industry. Whatever mixture of fine aggregate or coarse aggregate material your application requires can be tested & analysed. Our customers come from a broad range of industries including road testing, asphalt & bitumen formulation and concrete mixture design specialists.

W.S. Tyler Document of Certification

W.S. Tyler Certified, Certified Plus and Matched Test Sieves are examined to meet ASTM and ISO specifications. The openings of the sieves are measured with a computerized video imaging system. Products are then serialized and supplied with NIST traceable documents, including statistical information on opening sizes and wire diameters. Shown here is a typical Document of Certification and descriptions of the terms used. 

A- Dimension Reference Number 

1 = Wire Diameter “x” direction 
2 = Aperture Size “x” direction 
3 = Wire Diameter “y” direction 
4 = Aperture Size “y” direction 

B- Sample Size* = Number of apertures or wire diameters

C- Upper Spec. = Aperture size per ASTM E11 specification,
plus tolerance

D- Lower Spec. = Aperture size per ASTM E11 specification,
minus tolerance

E- Nominal = Specified aperture size, per ASTM E11 specification

F- Standard Deviation = A numerical value that measures
“spreading” tendency, a deviation of the values from
their mean (average)

G- Max. Measured = The largest aperture or wire diameter

H- Min. Measured = The smallest aperture or wire diameter

I- Range = The difference between the “max” and “min”
above (rounded)

J- Mean = Average aperture size or wire diameter measured

K- Description = Test sieve designation/ mesh size

L- Serial No. = Identification number of test sieves

M- Histogram = Graphic presentation of values measured
vs. corresponding number of apertures examined