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WS Tyler RO-TAP®E Sieve Shakers

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Designed for Light to Medium Testing Applications

The Ro-Tap® RX-30-E (12" Test Sieves) model is a floor standing unit.  Controls can be remotely mounted for convenient operation.  The units are designed for light to medium testing applications.

Offers precise results

The Ro-Tap® Electronic Test Sieve Shaker operates with 8” or 12" diameter Test Sieves and offers precise sieving results.

Highest Quality Compact Test Sieves

The compact, Ro-Tap® RX-29-E (8" Test Sieves) unit requires minimal space on a laboratory countertop. Tyler have been fabricating wire screening products for over 60 years. The original design still remains today’s standard. These quality sieves can be used with all makes of vibrating equipment in mineral, food, chemical, plastics and general industrial applications.

Maintenance Kits Avaliable

To ensure lasting dependable service, Ro-Tap® Sieve Shakers must occasionally be upgraded with parts that are long-wearing, durable, and cost-effective. Maintenance kits are available for the replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear. W.S. Tyler recommends the use of these kits as a means to minimize down-time due to minor repairs. The purchase of a minor maintenance kit is also recommended with each new Ro-Tap® Sieve Shaker.

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