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Smeg GW2145 Slimline Laboratory Washer

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Slimline Underbench Laboratory Glassware Washer

Smeg’s GW2145 Glassware Washer is perfect for smaller laboratories challenged with space restrictions. Offering an external width of only 450mm, this model is a full 25% narrower than a standard under-bench washer. Naturally being a Smeg, its compact design does not come at the expense of build quality or cleaning results.

GW2145 - Reliable & with Longevity

Did you know that Gallay has supplied more than 2,000 laboratory washers around Australia since the 1960’s? The large number of these washers still delivering pristine glassware today stands as a testament to their reliability and longevity. When you invest in a washer-disinfector from Gallay you are creating a legacy of quality that will be appreciated for many years to come.

Designed for Laboratory Purposes

Why choose a Smeg laboratory washer over a domestic (home) dishwasher? The Smeg laboratory Glassware washer disinfector differs to the domestic grade of washer you’d purchase at a white goods store. The Smeg Laboratory Glass Washers are specifically designed for laboratory applications and glassware. They are Italian designed and made from high quality stainless steel inside and out for reliability and rigorous use. They have specific wash and disinfection programs for organic and inorganic chemical compounds; and also the option for Demineralised Water rinse cycles. This small, yet powerful machine also offers thermal drying of your glassware.

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