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Smeg SGR10S Thermal Sealing Unit

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Design & Functionality

Space Saving compact models in which the materials employed (stainless steel & plastic) are elegantly combined, paying special attention to details. The SGI10S model automatic rotating sealer assures sealing at a speed of 10mt/sec with electronic temperature control.

Settable Sealing Temperature & More

Manual or automatic activation of sealing system, sealing seam width 8mm or 12mm. Adjustable seal margin from 5 to 35mm. Stainless steel external panels, maximum sealing length unlimited, Settable sealing temperature from 0 to 255 degrees Celsius.

State of the Art Features

Features an LCD display, sealing speed of 10m/s, integrated printing unit and Printed Data which includes the expiration date, sealing date, lot number and user name
Heat Sealers have become a vital piece of equipment for modern Australian dentists. Our Smeg range of Thermal Sealers come with all the features you'd expect of a product carrying the Smeg name. Not only are they ultra-reliable and built to last many years, they come with a range of features often not found on far more expensive models. Using a Smeg Thermal Heat Sealer, your instruments will remain sterile and protected from their surrounding environment.

Meets Australian Standards

Rest assured that Smeg Heat Seal machines meet or exceed the relevant Australian safety standards. The SGR10S satisfies DIN 58953-7 as well as being CE certified.