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Smeg WD2145 Thermal Disinfection Washer

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The Smeg WD2145 Advantage:

Small, high performance washer with a prestigious design. Supreme performance, reliability, cost-effectiveness and full safety are just a few of the features that make thermal disinfection washers manufactured by Smeg Instruments unique. Due to the increased regulations regarding infection control, our Smeg Thermal Disinfectors are becoming increasingly popular.
A remarkable advantage of thermal disinfection washers is the ability to repeat medical instrument treatment under the same conditions in terms of performance and safety while, at the same time, preventing the possibility of errors occurring during sterilization cycles.

Leave a Small Footprint

Compact and space saving dimensions without any loss of quality the SmegWD2145 Thermal Disinfection Washer is perfect if you are stuck on space, all the while helping the environment. The WD2145 represent the new generation of thermal disinfection washers. The technology used is considered a point of reference in the washing and disinfecting machine sector. In terms of performance, reliability, productivity and safety, it is the best that the market has to offer regarding current standards.
Ideal Washer Disinfector for dental & surgical instruments. The WD2145 features a small footprint (150mm narrower than the WD1160)

Flexibility & Versatility

The WD2145 is your answer for being a surgical instrument washer, surgical shoe washer, and thermal disinfection dishwasher. 8 Customisable with Programs External Validation Duct & Error Messages displayed on-screen

Backed by Gallays 24x7 phone support for the lifetime of the machine

We know that a lot depends on our equipment operating reliably. That’s why if something does go wrong, our engineers are never more than a phone call away


The washer disinfector body must be equipped with the trolleys and supports most suited to the specific treatment requirements of the types of instruments being cleaned in the machine

The configuration below is a guide to help you choose the most suitable solution for the type of instruments/supports used.

Upper Level

Item Code: D-CS1 Upper Trolley with :


Lower Level

Item Code: D-CS2 Lower Trolley with :