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Smeg WD4190 Thermal Washer Disinfector

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The Smeg WD4190 Advantage

All Smeg thermal disinfection washers ensure successful thermal washing and disinfecting of theatre instruments from orthopaedic and general surgery instruments to more delicate sets used for minimal invasive and eye surgeries.
The Smeg thermal disinfector WD4190 washer disinfector is designed to work with two to four washing levels (8 DIN).  Completed with an incorporated detergent basket, this washer disinfector offers instrument washing, chemical disinfection, thermic dinsinfection up to 900C and active drying with a Hepa filter.


Performance & Reliability

All Smeg products are created with quality materials and the best components available with the WD4190 being no exception.  The focus on safety and quality throughout the manufacturing process ensures a long working life and high performance from your Smeg Thermal Washer Disinfector.


User Friendly

Each operation of the Smeg washer dinsinfector is controlled by easy to use and highly intuiative display and controls.


Customizable Programs

Numerous thermal disinfection applications exist in the hospital sector, all of which involve different cleaning procedures. Due to this need for flexibility and versatility, the WD4190 offers customizable programs that are user controlled for the best results every time.


Backed by Gallays 24x7 phone support for the lifetime of the machine

We know how important it is to ensure your machine is always up and running. That’s why if something does go wrong, our engineers are never more than a phone call away.