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SMEG WD6010 Washer-Disinfector

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Slim Design, High Capacity

The SMEG WD6010 reduces and optimises space without compromising load capacity. Sitting in a footprint of 650x720x1975mm with a 280lt chamber volume thes models an be installed side by side without spacing in-between making the SMEG WD6010 perfect for CSSDs and TSSUs where space is at a premium. 

Twin Washing

Twin spray arms allow direction of water jets to all corners of the chamber ensuring the whole load gets optimum water coverage and a thorough wash. Two high power washing pumps combine with the twin washing system to pump water exclusively to racks and hollow instruments and another to the general washing chamber.

Saves Time, Water & Energy - SMART Programs

SMEG's SMART Innovation technology is available across their washer-disinfection range and can save around 50% of time and up to 25% of water usage depending on the program used without any sacrifice to the accurate and perfect washing results users will be familiar with on SMEG's traditional programs.