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Smeg WD7015 Thermal Washer Disinfector

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Compact Washer Disinfector with High Capacity

The NEW WD7015 thermal washer disinfector from Smeg offers a compact design machine, without comprising on internal washing capacity space.  This 18 DIN high volume washer helps you to increase washing production capacity whilst working with a easy to use, ergonomic machine.


Technology that Guarantees Irreproachable Performance

The latest generation of electrics in the Smeg Thermal Washer Disinfectors, come with features like full touch screen technology and a 35' TURBO thermal disinfection cycle.  This technology checks and verifies each and every parameter of the washing cycle and has the ability to store data for your certainty of performance and results.  The NEW turbo, complete washing and disinfection cycle is completed in less time, saving you money, energy and working hours.


Flexibility and Reliability

The NEW glass sliding door, offered to users in single or double application, allows you flexbility to your needs and clear visibility of what is going on inside the washer.  The one treatment rack offers you guaranteed treatment of different instruments, providing many applications with less cost.