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Soluscope Drying & Storage Cabinet (medical Air)

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The Right Cabinet for your Endoscopes

With an 8 endoscope capacity, optimal protection, international and local compliance (EN16442 and AS/NZ4187) this is the perfect fit for your workplace.   The Soluscope DSC8000 endoscope drying cabinet assists to optimise your working hours thanks to Soluscope's global expertise in Endoscope drying and storage needs.

These high-quality drying cabinets provide ready-to-use endoscopes by securely storing and drying them using hospital medical air (built in compressor models also available).

Ready to Use Endoscopes

In the morning, on weekends and for emergencies, by using a Soluscope endoscope drying cabinet, you can avoid the preliminary disinfection cycle.

The Soluscope DSC8000 features individual storage trays that allow for easy and sterile transition from the endoscope reprocessor to the cabinet, and from the cabinet to the examination room.

Maintains the Disinfection Level

The disinfection level obtained through reprocessing is maintained for up to 7 days in the drying cabinet with large 7” touch screen allowing you to identify how long individual scopes have been stored for, allowing you to prioritise which inventory to use next.

All Soluscope DSC8000 drying cabinets are manufactured with a durable, quality coating, making them easier to wipe down.

Full Tracking & Traceability System

As all models in the Soluscope DSC8000 drying cabinet series, full tracking & traceability is included as standard with built-in bar code reader and printer to record and identify all scope, user and patient information.  The cabinet can also be connected to the electronic Soluscope IT tracking & traceability system for improved data management.