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WS Tyler Spinning Riffler

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The RX-230 Spinning Riffler

The RX-230 Spinning Riffler uses a vibratory feeder to provide a constant flow of material from the stainless steel hopper. The vibrating feeder then feeds the sampling tubes from 1 to 16 individual samples. Tyler have been fabricating wire screening products for over 60 years. The original design still remains today’s standard. These quality sieves can be used with all makes of vibrating equipment in mineral, food, chemical, plastics and general industrial applications.

Contamination Free

Each sample can then be capped and stored immediately, with minimal handling and little chance for outside contamination.

Reliability & No Operator Error

Spin riffling is the method of choice for sampling accuracy and reliability for dry, free flowing particles. This unit will virtually eliminate operator error and bias associated with other types of sampling devices.

Dividing Head for Ultimate Precision

The RX-230 Spinning Riffler is equipted with a 16 port dividing head with a set of standard tube sample vessels, a sample drum to contain the vessels and a hopper plate for positioning the vessels in the drum. All of these parts are avaliable as replacement parts also. 

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