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B3 Suppository Applicator

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Why use Sephure for Suppository Administration?

Sephure is a patented disposable suppository administrator that properly places medication in your body.It is designed to offer a dramatic improvement to quality of life for patients through a simple suppository administration procedure.

A simple procedure- how the Suppository Administration Process works

Patients can adminster the suppository in any comfortable position; standing, squatting, bending forward at the waist, standing with one foot raised on a chair or stool, or lying on your side. The Suppository Administration process allows for comfort through this one-time use procedure.

Designed for Hemorroidal and IBD suppositories

Sephure size B3 applicators are designed to administer suppositories with a total gram weight of 2.5 to 3.0 grams. Some examples of suppository medications that fit Sephure size B3 administrators include:

  • Mesalamine suppositories: Canasa®, Pentasa®, generic equivalents
  • Hemorroidal suppositories: Avenoc®, cocoa butter, generic equivalents

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