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A2 Suppository Applicator

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The Clean and Comfortable Rectal Suppository Inserter

Sephure is a disposable, single use suppository inserter that enables patients to quickly, hygienically and comfortably insert rectal suppositories.  This can be performed in any comfortable position, in less than 5 seconds so patients can immediately resume their daily activities.

Why use the Sephure Rectal Suppository Inserter?

Sephure Rectal Inserters position suppository medication further in the rectum, away from the nerves that signal the body to expel the contents of the bowel. The medicine doesn't leak, so there is no need for protective undergarments after using the rectal suppository inserter.

Designed to fit a broad range of suppository medications

Sephure size A2 applicators are designed to insert suppositories with a total gram weight of 2.0 to 2.4 grams. Some examples of suppository medications that fit the A2 Rectal Inserter include:

  • Laxatives: Dulcolax®, Fleet® glycerin (cone shaped), Magic Bullet®, generic equivalents
  • Hemorroidal suppositories: Preparation H®, Tucks®, Anusol®, generic equivalents
  • Migraine suppositories: Cafergot®, Migergot®, Ergotamine, caffeine, generic equivalents
  • Pain management: Indocin®, indomethacin, voltarol, morphine, B & O®, belladonna and opium, generic equivalents
  • Nausea & vomiting: Compro®, Compazine, generic equivalents