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Terragene Protein Hygiene Monitoring Pen

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Protein Residue Test Pens

Continual testing as to the effectiveness of medical washers disinfectors is crucial to infection control. One of the control methods to verify equipment performance is by using a protein test pen. This manner can quickly identify any risks so you can take action. Terragene’s Chemdye protein test pens offer a quick and easy method to test for protein residue on dental tools or surgical equipment. The high absorption swab allows for collection of samples from different surfaces with high efficiency.

Results within minutes

With Chemdye’s protein test pen you simply swab an instrument or instrument holder, activate the reagent in the pen, incubate in the Bionova MiniPro auto-reader and receive a printed verification of reading within 10 minutes.

The high sensitivity protein pens can detect up to as little as 1µg of protein residue

Protein Pen Detection System

Terragene’s Binova MiniPro auto-reader for protein pen detection is a compact device providing quick quantative analysis.

The automatic readout allows you to keep a manual record of results with the system also offering traceability software.