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Meiko TopClean 60 Multi Washer & Disinfection Appliance

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The Meiko TopClean 60 is a innovative multi washer disinfector that can tackle just about anything. This safe, hygenic and economic washer disinfector is the workhorse that you need for your practice.

TopClean 60 - Professional hygiene security for all practical applications in hospitals, medical centres and nursing homes.

Healthy and safe working conditions concern patients and staff alike. Recognised experts in the field of hygiene clearly state that nothing less than the regular use of standardised (and therefore automatic)cleaning and disinfection processes will safeguard staff and patients.
The innovative TopClean 60 “Multi Washer“ provides you with the opportunity of combining these hygiene-related imperatives with economic efficiency and safe working conditions for your staff. Standardised/automatic cleaning, cleaning and disinfection regular usage will safeguard staff and patients: the Top Clean 60 provides the opportunity for combat hygiene related imperatives with economic efficiency and safety.

User Friendly

User -friendly operation using a clearly structured membrane keypad and display. The unique advantages for you, the user, are:
Hygiene security – disinfection for every possible practical application using an A0 value of 60
Rapid availability of utensils through shorter process times


  • Standardised and therefore more reliable hygiene-related processes
  • Contamination-free work-places thanks to machine-cleaning
  • Cost-saving cleaning and disinfection provided by economical power, water and chemical inputs

Choose a program that suits you

Flexible hygiene solution with three programs to choose from: short, normal or intensive program. In the Intensive program the water is changed to combat heavy soiling.