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Euronda Euroseal Valida

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Validation of the sealing process

The Euronda Euroseal Valida is a validatable medical heat sealer which records all data on sealing operations completed including date, time, number of sealing’s, lot, operator, temperature, speed and pressure in complete conformity with EN11607-2 standard requirements to an SD card or USB memory device. According to the critical parameters of the sealing process, it must be monitored systematically and documented in order to be checked and traceable as and when required/necessary. 

Total Connectivity

Similar to the autoclave E9 recorder, the Euroseal Valida, comes with complete connectivity on board the machine. Data relating to sealing lots, can be sent via Ethernet to a pc. Additionally it is also possible to use an integrated SD card to transfer the above to a pc, meaning saving and managing data is made extremely easy. Furthermore the Wi-Fi accessory included in this medical heat sealer- allows you to wirelessly connect the Euroseal Valida to a pc, smartphone or tablet. 

Preset Cycles & Free Cycle

This medical heat sealer allows operators to choose one of the pre-set sealing cycles, such as Eurosteril
And/or the free cycle which allows the temperature setting to be altered to seal any kind of pouch or roll to suit the needs of individual surgeries.