Anios RHW Rinsing Solution

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Lubricant Rinsing Solution of Instrumentation

Anios RHW is a neutral rinsing solution with a lubricant effect for surgical and medical instruments. A combined product which ensures quick drying without trace. The Characteristics include that it is a colourless clear liquid, pH of pure product at 20°C is 2 to 3, pH when diluted at 0.2% is about 7 and Density at +20°C is approx. 1.012

Compatible with all types of Water Quality

It is usable with all qualities of water (raw or treated), it is highly compatible with polysulphones.  Anios RHW is a lubricant with drying activator and is specially designed for use in combination with ANIOSYME DLM or ANIOSYME DLM Maxi

Made by Anios: A leader in quality, safety and the environment

Anios are 100% committed to fighting microbes by designing, manufacturing and marketing antimicrobial products that are Human and Environmentally friendly.